Weight loss.

6-day treatment.

Light cure - 6 days.

6-day treatment.

The perfect cure to eliminate the excesses of the week (holiday period, stress, weekend with family or friends) and discover all our recipes. 12 delicious, low-calorie meal bars, rich in fibre and konjac. Lasting satiety guaranteed without frustration.

Replace two meals a day with two meals Feed. Light . to reach your goal.

Duration: 6-day cure.

All products. Products.

Products in the 6-days Light cure - 12 meals

6-day treatment.

2 x Chocolate meal bars. Brownie.

For chocolate lovers.

6-day treatment.

2 x Caramel Meal Bars. Crispy.

Crisp and comforting.

6-day treatment.

2 x Vanilla Meal Bars. Chocolate.

The perfect combination of vanilla and dark chocolate.

6-day treatment.

2 x Sesame meal bars. Chocolate.

With roasted sesame notes.

6-day treatment.

1 x Raspberry meal bar. Chocolate.

The perfect marriage of raspberry and chocolate.

6-day treatment.

1 x Blackberry meal bar. Chocolate.

The perfect marriage of blackberry and chocolate.

6-day treatment.

1 x Spéculos meal bar.

The irresistible taste of the famous cinnamon cookie.

6-day treatment.

1 x Crispy meal bar. Peanut.

With a delicious peanut butter taste.

6-day treatment.

How does it work? How does it work?

Eliminate excess in less than a week!

6-day treatment.

Replace two meals a day with two Feed. Light meal-bars
For example: Breakfast: a meal-bar Feed. Light
A free lunch: above all, treat yourself (try to stay reasonable).
At dinner: a meal-bar Feed. Light

Something's come up? Hanging with friends? A restaurant in the evening? Don't hesitate to reverse the free lunch with the dinner.

To sum up

  • To eliminate the excess.
  • Low in calories.
  • Rich in protein and fibre.
  • 2 meals Feed. Light per day for 6 days.

Your questions. Your questions.

Our answers.

At your house. At the office. Out of town. During your activities.
In the morning. At lunchtime. In the evening.
To eliminate excess, we recommend you to consume 2 meal-bars Feed. Light a day for 6 days.

As our 6-day cure is pre-packaged, it is not possible to modify its composition. Discover or rediscover all of our flavors in this 6-day cure! 

If you wish to personalize the flavors of your treatment the 15 and 30 day cures are made for you. 

With this express rebalancing cure, eliminate the excesses quickly. Find your balance again!

Subscription is not available on the packs, but you can still subscribe to all our meals and snacks individually!

We deliver within 72 hours in France and in Europe. In France, we also offer delivery in relay point or delivery in 24/48h with Chronopost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 264 reviews
Erika G.

The experience was a nice surprise, -2kg in 1 week, no feeling of hunger, I'm delighted. I'll be ordering again.

Meral K.

I even asked for a collaboration because I loved them so much and recommended them (refused).
But they really do have an immediate satiating effect.

Dounia k.
Balance sheet

I bought the 6-day pack to discover the brand! I'm pleasantly surprised by the taste. My favorites are blackberry chocolate and raspberry chocolate. I've lost 1 kilo by indulging myself and replacing just one meal with a bar Feed. For further loss, replace 2 dishes with a Feed bar . In short, I recommend it.

Camille H.

I was quite sceptical before ordering but I have to say I'm won over! The taste of the bars is really good, consistent and effective since I lost 3kg with the 6-day cure! I'll soon be recommending them for another course of treatment :)

Angélique S.

I really liked the taste of the slimming 6-day packs. I'm going to try it again.

Benjamin B.

Very good snack, appetite suppressant, great taste!

Eve T.

After a week, I lost 2kg without feeling hungry, even though I'm a big eater. I'm not a fan of all tastes, but that's personal. A soup instead of an evening bar would be nice.
But all in all, the bars do a good job. I was afraid I'd be hungry and I'm not.

Marianne D.

Good product, efficient, good value for money, I'm satisfied.

Christophe P.

Top delivery in a relay box.
On the product side, I feel full after each bar, with a feeling of satiety that lasts for hours. Taste-wise, nice job on the red fruits, but the caramels, peanuts and sesame could be improved.
I'd recommend without hesitation.

Good and filling

The diet bars are hearty and satiating, almost all the flavors are good, not at all nauseating, I find the chocolate brownie flavor a little sweet and in the chocolate vanilla you can't smell the vanilla too bad .... Otherwise, I'm positively impressed! You're not hungry after a bar, you automatically drink enough water and you feel like doing some physical activity! Thank you