Meal bars specially developed for athletes who want to optimize their muscle mass gain or accelerate its recovery after the effort. Each recipe Feed. Sport is very rich in protein (24 g) from a trio of plants for optimal efficiency (peas, rice and soy). Our meals also provide you with all the essential nutrients as well as the indispensable micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to take advantage of each training session and perform well. 1 meal bar Feed. in your bag = 1 hyper-protein meal at hand, everywhere and at any time. Find also the meals Sport in protein shakerYou are also looking for protein bars for your snack? Choose Protein Shot snacks, low in sugar and high in protein.  

Meal bars. Meal-bars.

Protein. Vegan.

7 delicious protein-rich meal bar recipes specially developed for sportsmen and women. For use as a meal or snack.


  • 23 g of protein
  • Convenient and on-the-go
  • Improve your performance