There is a pack for every goal! Whether you want to balance or rebalance your diet, lose weight, refine your figure, shape up or build muscle, you'll find the pack you need. With our packs, discover all our recipes of snacks or best-selling meals and vary the flavors! Drinks, shaker or bars, the choice is yours! You already have a favorite recipe? Find it in our range Original, Light, Sport or Snack !


Slimming cures.

6, 15 or 30 days cure... Choose the slimming pack that corresponds to your weight loss goal and say goodbye to those extra pounds!

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(The longer you choose a program, the more effective it will be).

6-day treatment.

Eliminate excess

6-day treatment.

46,00 €

3,83 € per meal

  • 12 meal bars
  • To discover all our flavors
  • Caramel crispy. Brownie. Vanilla. Sesame. Raspberry. Blackberry.
30 days cure.

Change size

30 days cure.

199,00 €230,00 €

3,32 € per meal

  • 60 meal bars
  • Choose your flavors
  • Free delivery. Pay in 3 times.
  • Free slimming guide