Meal bars Original.

Convenient, balanced, no-prep meals in bar form to take anywhere. Each bar contains all the essential nutrients (fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates...) and essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) for a healthy and economical diet. 1 Feed Original bar = 1 meal! For breakfast, lunch or dinner. Rich in protein and 100% vegetable, the meal bars are also perfectly suited to athletes looking to build muscle or for recovery. You can also find our meals in powder or in bottles Original. Need a lighter bar for rebalancing or weight loss? Try our slimming meal replacements Feed. Light .

Meal bars. Meal-bars.

Practical and balanced.

7 recipes for tasty and balanced meal bars. Each bar contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to replace a meal.


  • Balanced
  • Convenient
  • Affordable

Convenient meal replacements.

A meal replacement is a dietary preparation based on the nutritional requirements of a standard human. Its aim is to replace a meal in a balanced way as part of a healthy, varied diet. Meal replacements can be found and consumed in a variety of formats, including meal bars, shakers and prepared drinks. These products are consumed not only to lose weight as part of a slimming diet, but also more simply to improve one's nutrition.


A meal replacement gives you all the nutritional requirements your body needs but in a convenient, non-traditional form and without the need to cook.

It will provide you with all the essential nutrients of a meal: protein, fat, fibre, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals.

It's not specific to weight loss, but today there are meal replacements developed specifically for slimming. 

Meal powders, bars and drinks are not intended to be a complete substitute for traditional food. Rather, they provide a practical, balanced and timely nutritional solution. However, due to a lack of knowledge on the subject, the consumption of substitutes is the target of prejudice. Presented in a format that is atypical of the cuisine we are introduced to from childhood, meal replacements are often disparaged and never taken seriously in terms of the nutritional benefits they can provide. Many people do not consider these products as equivalent to a full meal, or even as an alternative to traditional food, but rather as a chemist's invention destined to replace our cultural habits, food for astronauts, or simply a weight-loss drug.
Yet meal replacements are a real complement to our traditional eating habits. Unlike weight-loss products, they are composed and designed to provide 100% of the nutritional requirements needed for the body of a standard human to function properly, and to be used as part of a balanced diet.
When you consider how essential a healthy diet is to good health, meal replacements become an asset in the way we eat on a daily basis. Especially in today's fast-paced society. It's not always easy to find the time and the means to do quality shopping, create a perfect menu every day, choose the right ingredients, know how to cook them, and finally establish an ideal program. Worse still, lack of time can lead us to skip meals, or to be too easily tempted by junk food, which is quick and efficient, but greasy and harmful to our health.

Nutrition is a subject central to our well-being that requires advice, but it remains complex and we are not sufficiently aware of it. With this in mind, integrating meal replacements on an occasional basis, as a complement to a healthy, balanced diet, can become a real ally beyond simply being of service.

There are many occasions when a well-balanced and practical meal bar is the perfect solution! 

  • To save time in your day. 
  • When travelling, on the train, bus, car or plane.
  • When you don't feel like cooking or can't cook.
  • To avoid queues to end up with a sandwich that nutritionally speaking is not interesting.
  • To meet all your nutritional needs without having to think about it.
  • To free up time to see loved ones or do a hobby.
  • To take care of your diet when you have no other healthy meal option available.
  • To increase your daily calorie intake if necessary.

At Feed. our meal bars are ultra-practical and easy to carry around! They have been designed by nutrition experts to give you everything you need. They require no preparation, are economical and made from 100% vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and GMO-free ingredients.

In addition to macronutrients, they are very rich in micronutrients and provide you with 25 vitamins and minerals.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner. At any meal, wherever you are, whenever you need it or when you don't have time to eat. 

To choose the right meal replacement, you need to consider its composition and the essential nutrients the body needs:

  • A caloric intake of around 400 calories
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals (26 vitamins and minerals)
  • High protein content (> 15 g per meal)
  • Low sugar content
  •  Very rich in fibre to help you feel full.
  • Low fat

Practical and balanced, these meal replacements, which you can find on our site, are also vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free, and can also be useful in cases of food intolerance.
These meals come in different formats: as a meal in bar form, or as a drinkable meal in powder form to be diluted in water (shakers). No one form is better than the other, leaving you free to choose according to your habits.

  • A bar on the move, in transportation, or for sports activities:

The bar format is an ideal and practical solution, especially to start integrating meal replacements into your daily life. The format closest to what we are used to eating, it remains the most accessible for the most skeptical. Meal bars do not disturb our chewing habits when we eat. 

To save time, in case of professional displacement, in transport or in the car, but also in case of travel, long walks or in parallel of sports activities, this meal substitute is ideal. A meal bar is easy to keep in a bag, without taking up space. Tasty with a dark chocolate coating, they remain light. They also appear as an alternative to traditional breakfasts which are often very sweet.

  • A ready-to-drink drink at work

Ready-to-drink beverages have the advantage of requiring no preparation. This formula is ideal for your daily routine at work and at home. At the office, to avoid wasting time on your lunch break, a bottle will be perfect and provide you with everything you need. It'll also save you a quick lunch that's not necessarily healthy for your health. This liquid solution can be consumed fresh and at your own pace.
This meal replacement will also be useful in your daily life at home. If you come home late at night, for example, a drink is always better than skipping a meal or having a fast-food delivery. Here, the product will be practical, effective and better for your health.

  • A Shaker at home.

Meal replacements are available in the form of powder to be diluted in water using a shaker. This formula has the advantage of allowing you to manage the doses yourself. Whether it is for your daily life at work or at home, the preparation remains fast and easy. At the office, depending on your day and your energy expenditure, you will be able to adapt your quantities while being in control, which will have an impact on your nutritional intake. Perfect to avoid losing weight and maintain a complete and balanced diet, despite intense days. Simply fill your container with water according to the recommendations indicated and add the necessary doses of powder, indicated on your package. There, the product will be practical, effective and will provide you with everything you need while maintaining your well-being to achieve your goals.

Meal replacements have different objectives. They can save time, improve one's diet by avoiding skipping certain meals, or simply save money because of their low cost compared to a traditional meal.

  • To save time and improve your diet

The rhythm of daily life has intensified in our societies in recent years, often at the expense of healthy eating. Because of a lack of time at work, during a lunch break, we are quickly tempted by a sandwich or prepared meals that are not necessarily healthy. Worse, the rhythm of daily life can lead to skipping meals. This is a habit that should be avoided to prevent harmful consequences for the body. The same goes for travel or time spent in the transport system, where we choose something simple and practical, but not necessarily healthy.

Meal replacements, like the ones we offer at Feed. , tick all the boxes: easy, convenient and balanced. Whether in bars, bottles or powders, they're ideal for supplementing your diet at certain key moments. What's more, our meal replacements are protein meals that are suitable for everyone, whether you're physically active or not.

  • To gain weight and muscle mass

Our meal bars are ideal for people who want to lose weight quickly and easily, gain weight or build muscle mass. A protein meal contains 23g of protein bar and around 400 kcal, and can be taken in addition to your usual meals to increase your calorie and nutrient intake.

  • To lose weight

For your health, or simply to feel better in body and mind, you may be looking to lose weight. Weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than your body needs to function properly. This is why we have developed a range of meals specially designed for weight loss and dietary rebalancing to help you lose weight and keep your figure.

  • To save money

In addition to meeting all practical and health needs, meal replacements are much less expensive than a conventional meal, and far more advantageous than what we can find in fast-food outlets, for example. Whether in powder, bars or bottles, each meal will cost less than €4, or half the price of a meal ticket. All in all, a meal that's better for your body's health and fits in perfectly with your diet. You'll be doing your body and your wallet a world of good. What's more, Feed. offers free delivery from €70 upwards, so you can plan your meal supply in advance and save money!

Our meal replacement recipes have been developed by a team of highly qualified nutritionists and researchers. Our aim is to offer practical, vegan, gluten-free meals with very strict organoleptic properties: taste, texture, smell... 

All substitutes at feed. are complete meals designed to replace a nutrient-balanced, healthy and vegan meal.

If you want to lose weight then the Feed. Light range. is for you. It consists of low-calorie meals specially developed for weight loss.