Light range.

Meal bars, meal drinks and cures specially developed for weight loss and food rebalancing. 100% plant-based and low in calories, each meal Feed. Light is rich in protein and fiber to ensure lasting satiety. The recipes also contain konjac and superfoods that act as appetite suppressants and stimulate the metabolism. Find our meals Light in meal bars, meal drinks or in cures. To complete your day, choose ourhealthy snacks, rich in proteins and without added sugars, they will accompany you perfectly in your weight loss objectives.

Light range.

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22,95 €

3,82 € per meal

Low calories meal-bars.

  • High in fibre and protein
  • Soft texture and tasty
  • 250 kcal


65,95 €

3,29 € per meal

Low-calorie meal-drinks.

  • High in fibre and protein
  • Sweet and tasty
  • 300 kcal

Slimming cures.

6, 15 or 30 days cure... Choose the slimming pack that corresponds to your weight loss goal and say goodbye to those extra pounds!

Compose your treatment now.

(The longer you choose a program, the more effective it will be).

6-day treatment.

Eliminate excess

6-day treatment.

46,00 €

3,83 € per meal

  • 12 meal bars
  • To discover all our flavors
  • Caramel crispy. Brownie. Vanilla. Sesame. Raspberry. Blackberry.
30 days cure.

Change size

30 days cure.

199,00 €230,00 €

3,32 € per meal

  • 60 meal bars
  • Choose your flavors
  • Free delivery. Pay in 3 times.
  • Free slimming guide

Shaker. Shaker.

750mL. Durable. Practical.

The 750mL shaker has been designed to facilitate the mixing of protein powders. It is ideal for preparing your meal shakes Light.

The benefits.

  • BPA and DEHP free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe