Protein bars.

A complete line of low-sugar high-protein bars, ideal for increasing your protein intake in a healthy way or simply to improve your diet. Whether you're building muscle or keeping your figure, protein is the foundation of a healthy diet that will help you reach your goals. We have chosen quality vegan proteins to provide all the essential amino acids you need in a sports nutrition. Soft or crunchy, chocolatey or fruity, you will find a protein bar to your taste in our selection. All our snacks are 100% vegetable and gluten free. And if you have bf you need to fill up on protein during your meal, discover our range of complete and hyperproteinated meal bars and drinks.

Protein bars.

Protein shot. Protein shot.

Get the most out of your workouts.

Supplement your protein intake with healthy high-protein snacks. Ideal for muscle recovery.


  • Rich in proteins
  • Low in sugars
  • Healthy and greedy

Protein bar.

A sufficient supply of protein is essential for our health. They are the most important nutrients for our body. Proteins have several crucial roles in all the cells of the body and come in many forms. They are found absolutely everywhere, and we need them to enable various functions: muscle contractions, tissue structures, skin resistance and flexibility, transport of other substances such as vitamins and minerals.

For sportsmen and women with the objective of gaining muscle mass or achieving optimal recovery, proteins enable the repair of muscle tissue damaged during various physical exercises. It is this reconstruction mechanism that allows the muscle to grow progressively, provided that regular, intensive and adapted training is carried out, accompanied by a healthy diet rich in proteins.

It is therefore essential to pay particular attention to protein intake. 

The protein bar is a logical solution. Quick, practical and rich in protein, it allows you to add a nutritionally recommended supplement to your daily diet. As a meal or snack, it replaces other bars that are often high in sugar and low in protein. The protein bar is an effective contribution to a normal diet, whether at 10am or 4pm, before or after training, or with meals in the case of meal bars. Feed.

Be careful, the simple indication of "protein bar" or "rich in proteins" that you find in the shops does not necessarily ensure the effectiveness of these bars. To avoid that it is only a simple treat, it will be necessary to choose it rigorously by concentrating on its composition and its contributions.

It is important to ensure that the protein in the bar chosen contributes to more than 20% of the energy intake of this bar. The low sugar content (-15%) is a real plus, to avoid gaining weight or fat mass, especially when the consumption of protein bars is regular. A high fiber content (> 6.5g) can help control glycemic peaks and ensure satiety with the help of protein. This will be the case with all protein bars Feed.

Depending on the time of consumption of a protein bar, the effects produced will not be the same and will allow different objectives to be reached:

  • Before sport.

30 minutes before your sports session, protein bars will be your ally in achieving better performance. Your body will benefit from a source of protein and carbohydrates that will help give you the energy you need to take care of your muscles. 

  •  During exercise.

The consumption of a protein bar will be perfect during a very long activity (>1h30) (e.g. long distance race - half marathon / triathlon / trail.) which requires a strong demand on the muscles. Protein bars, consumed in small bites progressively, will allow you to make up for energy losses, limit the degradation of muscle fibres and avoid the effects of fatigue.

  •  After the effort, for recovery.

After a physical effort (training or competition), protein intake is important to optimise the reconstruction of muscle fibres destroyed during the effort and thus maintain or increase muscle mass. Recovery will be quicker and will allow you to continue training more quickly.

  • At meals.

For a protein-rich breakfast or a quick lunch as part of a high-protein diet. For meals, you should opt for our meal bars.

In any case, the consumption of protein bars must be associated with a good hydration.

Whether you are a sportsman or not, you can consume protein bars. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, protein bars are essential for building and recovering muscle. 

Not an athlete? You can also enjoy the benefits of protein bars. Indeed, most French people do not eat enough protein or want to reduce the protein of animal origin. Then Feed. meal bars are ideal to increase your protein intake while protecting the environment because they are 100% vegan.

Together with a team of nutritionists and sportsmen, we have developed an ideal balance between deliciousness and ingredients with optimal nutritional values. A protein bar with little sugar (low carb), with enough calories to boost your energy and also with a good protein content; an integral part of a balanced nutrition to stay healthy. Now all you have to do is choose the flavor that suits your taste. You have a doubt? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service or to read the reviews. You will find them all here