Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.
Red berries.

Protein Shot Cereal Bar Feed. Snack - Sold by 12.

Red berries.

A delicious hyper-protein and hyper-crunchy Protein shot bar with red fruits of 40g!

With 12g of vegetable protein and very little sugar, it is the ideal snack to increase your protein intake in a healthy way or simply to improve your diet. Whether you're a sportsman or not, protein is essential for getting fit and reaching your goals.

12 cereal bars

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Modifiable and without commitment

2,01 € per snack

Nutrients. Nutrients.

In every delicious Protein Shot bar. Red fruit.

Red berries.


A healthy, sporty and ultra-protein bar, ideal for muscle building and recovery!

Vegan and gluten free

Unlike other high-protein bars, our recipe is guaranteed to be dairy and gluten-free to take care of your digestive system.

Pea, soy and almond proteins

The optimal trio of vegetable proteins to provide all the essential amino acids for building muscles.

Only 4g of sugars

A unique formula with very little sugar to stay in great shape and avoid blood sugar spikes.


Puffed billets, fruit chips and almond slivers for a crunchy and crispy texture that is ultra tasty.


Very rich in flavonoids, cranberries are powerful antioxidants. They protect the body against oxidative stress linked to intense physical effort.

Nutritional information


Plant trio.



Rich in fibre.

Made in France.

Quality ingredients. Ingredients.

Peas, almonds, cranberries...

Red berries.

Each Protein Shot cereal bar is made from ingredients carefully selected for their nutritional properties. They are all plant-based and naturally gluten and lactose free. We add three sources of protein such as pea or almond for optimal results.

We also strive to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum by selecting 100% vegan ingredients with a long shelf life to avoid food waste. As for our packaging, it is recycled and recyclable.

See the ingredients
Red berries.
Red berries.

Read more. Read more.

On the Protein Shot cereal bar. Red fruits.

Red berries.

The Feed. cereal bar is a healthy, high-protein, low-sugar snack. It is designed for muscle building and recovery, and is a healthy way to quell hunger pangs. It is rich in protein from the best vegetable sources for optimal effectiveness.

At any time of the day, at breakfast, before or after sport: fill up on proteins to stay in shape, to surpass yourself, to perform and to progress.

To sum up

  • 30% protein = 12g per bar.
  • Very low in sugar.
  • Ultra tasty and crispy.
  • To improve your diet and take care of your muscles.


Open. Enjoy.


Store snacks in a cool, dry place.

Your questions. Your questions.

Our answers.

Absolutely! With 30% protein, our Protein Shot. snack is designed for muscle building and recovery.

Before or after sport, fill up on protein to push yourself, perform and progress. It is also the perfect breakfast for sportsmen and women.
Get all the energy and nutrients you need to train longer.

Yes, it is. This snack is rich in fibre and protein, so it will give you lasting satiety to limit hunger pangs and a reduced calorie intake.
The catabolism (burning) of 1g of fat also consumes less energy than the consumption of 1g of protein. The digestion of these macronutrients is a particularly energy-consuming mechanism: choose our Protein Shot snacks instead of traditional snacks to speed up your weight loss!

All dry ingredients are homogenised together. The fibre syrup is gently added to the dry mixture to bind the ingredients together. The mass is spread and pressed between two rollers to calibrate the thickness of the bar. Blades are used to cut the bars to the right size. A rest period is necessary for the syrup to crystallize slowly and for the bars to dry. The bars are then packaged and packed by 12.

The expiration date of our Protein Shot. snack is 12 months from the date of manufacture. In general, you should not receive products with an expiration date of less than 3 months.
We recommend that you store your snacks in a cool, dry place.

Only soya and almonds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Carlos C.
Practical, tasty and crunchy

Super bar that fits in your pocket for a snack during the day. The red fruit is well balanced and pleasant in the mouth. One of my favorites along with apple.

Alexandre S.

Good taste and really filling

nicolas s.

Very good

Guillaume F.

Everything is delicious

helene m.

Quality shipping and products

Michel B.
Very good

a very tasty, light and simple product that doesn't take up too much room in your pocket, which can be eaten during sports but not only, in everyday life as a small snack.

Anthony G.

The bars are good and hearty.

bruno g.

Very good

A delight

My favorite of all the bars already tested! Light, not too sweet.

Laurent D.
Top quality

Excellent product, ideal for active days