30 days cure.

30-day treatment Light.

30 days cure.

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Change size in just 30 days with easy, lasting weight loss! Our meal bars are tasty, low in calories and sugars. Rich in protein and fibre for long-lasting satiety guaranteed without frustration. Our recipes are developed with konjac for its proven effectiveness in weight loss.

Choose the recipes for your cure and receive your free slimming guide to help you achieve your goal.

Replace two meals a day with two meal bars Feed. Light .

Duration: 30-day course of treatment.


All our recipes.

To personalize your 30-day treatment.


How does it work?


How does it work?

A simple, effective program!
1. Choose the length of your cure according to your weight loss goals.
2. Personalize your program with the recipes of your choice.
3. Replace two meals a day with two meals Feed. Light .

At breakfast: a meal bar Feed. Light .
A free lunch: treat yourself (but keep it reasonable).
At dinner: a meal bar Feed. Light

Can't make it? An outing with friends? A restaurant in the evening? Don't hesitate to reverse the free lunch with dinner.

- A cure for every goal.
- Low in calories. Rich in protein and fiber.
- 2 meals Feed. Light . per day for the duration of the program.

They achieved their goal.

Thanks to the slimming treatment Feed. Light .


Your questions. Your questions.

Our answers.

At home. At work. On the road. At work.
In the morning. At lunchtime. In the evening.
To change your waistline, we recommend eating 2 Feed. Light meals a day for 30 days.

Yes, you can personalize the recipes for your 30-day slimming cure.

You can choose your favorite recipes from the 6 available.

With this 30-day treatment, change your waistline quickly and easily!

Subscription is not available on packs and cures, but you can still subscribe to all our meals and snacks individually.

Click here to find out more about subscription.

We deliver within 72 hours in France and in Europe. In France, we also offer delivery in relay point or delivery in 24/48h with Chronopost.

Free delivery with the 30-day treatment. Don't miss out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 182 reviews
Laurent P.

I discovered FEED thanks to the show "qui veut être mon associé" (who wants to be my partner) and I've started a diet to hopefully lose 4-6 kgs.
For me, the Light meal bars are delicious. The consistency, the flavors, the size ...

Julien F.
Satisfied & recommends

Cure underway and extremely satisfied at this stage.
First results in a week and no big sacrifice. I recommend it to others

Youri L.T.
At the top

I'm delighted. I started 8 days ago and have lost 2.5kgs. The bars are very good, especially the caramel taste. No feeling of hunger, which makes dieting easier.

Guillaume G.
No surprises

Used to these delicious diet bars, I come back regularly to eat healthily, no more sandwiches, from now on, Feed is my health and fitness ally.

Maëlle P.
Very good

tasty bars

thomas o.

Rather interesting to start a diet with a lot of sport is much better.

Stéphanie R.

To date, the best meal bars tested. I recommend

A product I love

I really like this slimming feed range because I'm always losing weight.

Emmanuelle H.

Good fast that stalls

Pauline R.
Super satisfied!

Bars are an integral part of my daily routine, especially for breakfast. I also use them as a cure to lose weight and a few kilos in addition to my physical activity! I love them!