Slimming cures.

6, 15 or 30 days cure... Choose the slimming pack that corresponds to your weight loss goal and say goodbye to those extra pounds!

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You don't know what length of treatment is right for you? The longer your treatment, the more effective it will be.

Weight loss.

6-day treatment.

Eliminate excess

6-day treatment.

46,00 €

3,83 € per meal

  • 12 meal bars
  • Discover our recipes
  • Brownie. Caramel crispy. Tiramisu. Speculos. Crispy peanut. Vanilla. Sesame. Raspberry. Blackberry.

New recipes.


30 days cure.

Change size

30 days cure.

199,00 €230,00 €

3,32 € per meal

  • 60 meal bars
  • Choose your flavors
  • Free delivery. Pay in 3 times.
  • Free slimming guide

How does it work?


How does it work?

A simple and effective program!

1- Choose the duration of your treatment according to your weight loss objectives.

2- Personalize your treatment with the recipes of your choice.

3- Replace two meals a day with two meals Feed. Light .
At breakfast: a meal bar Feed. Light .
A free lunch: treat yourself (but stay reasonable).
At dinner: a meal bar Feed. Light

Something came up? An outing with friends? A restaurant in the evening? Don't hesitate to reverse the free lunch with the dinner.

- A cure for every objective.
- Low in calories. Rich in proteins and fibers.
- 2 meals Feed. Light . per day for the duration of the program.

Find your program. Program.

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Our slimming guides.


The great guide to weight loss.


The guide to a successful treatment Light.


The small guide of the free meal.

Slimming meals, effective and greedy.


Slimming meals, effective and greedy.

High in fibre and low in calories, our Light meals are designed for weight loss. We also add a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to help you lose weight without deficiency. The secret ingredient? Konjac! It's a superfood that promotes very fast satiety. Its effectiveness in weight loss is scientifically proven!


Healthy and balanced snacks.

Against small hunger or to accompany your sports sessions.