Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.
Energy shot.

Raw-bar Concentration Memory Feed. Snack - Sold by 12.

Energy shot.

A delicious 40g energy and multivitamin bar with pieces and hazelnut paste.

13 vitamins and minerals to regain your vitality or fight against temporary fatigue. Soft, crunchy and tasty, it is the ideal snack to fill up with vitamins and energy before/during sport but also at any time of the day.

12 raw bars

Sorry, there are no more quantities available for this product.


Modifiable and without commitment

1,35 ‚ā¨ per snack

Nutrients. Nutrients.

In every delicious raw energy shot bar. Hazelnut.

Energy shot.


150kcal from the hazelnut and date paste, boosted by vitamins B3, B6 and B12 for an optimal energy metabolism.


Our 7 vitamins of the B group associated with iron and magnesium constitute a powerful anti-fatigue. The vitamin C, by improving the absorption of iron reinforces this effect.


Our duo of vitamins C & E and Zinc & selenium effectively protect your cells against oxidative stress related to exercise to allow you to train longer.


Our bars contain only the sugars naturally present in the date. The energy is thus 100% natural and available.


Protein intake is essential during exercise to slow down the breakdown of muscle fibers and facilitate recovery.

100% CRUE

Our bars are raw, which means that they have not been cooked in order to preserve all their nutritional properties.

Nutritional information

Memory focus.



High in protein.

Rich in fibre.

No sugar added.

Quality ingredients. Ingredients.

Hazelnut, date, cocoa...

Energy shot.

Each raw bar is made from ingredients carefully selected for their nutritional properties. They are all of plant origin and naturally gluten and lactose free. Our ingredients are raw and have not been cooked. So all the nutritional properties are preserved.

We also strive to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum by selecting 100% vegan ingredients with a long shelf life to avoid food waste. As for our packaging, it is recycled and recyclable.

See the ingredients
Energy shot.
Energy shot.

Read more. Read more.

On the raw bar Energy shot. Hazelnut.

Energy shot.

Our raw bar Hazelnut. is the energy bar par excellence. Natural and without cooking, it is the perfect combination of a completely bioavailable energy source (date and peanut) and a vitamin mix specially selected to improve performance (optimized energy metabolism, reduced fatigue, protection against oxidative stress).
Before or during the sport but also at any time of the day, fill up with energy, vitamins and minerals. Find all the vitality you need and remain efficient and productive in all circumstances.

To sum up

  • Multivitamin: 13 vitamins and minerals
  • Anti-fatigue and Anti-oxidant
  • Before or during training
  • Fill up on energy and vitality


Open. Enjoy.


Store snacks in a cool, dry place.

Your questions. Questions.

Our answers.

At work, during exams or stressful periods, regain your concentration and remain productive in all circumstances with this raw bar Concentration. Memory.

Feed. raw-bars are produced in 4 steps.

1. Mixing the ingredients.
The ingredients are mixed in a kneader (machine for kneading) to obtain a homogeneous dough. This process is carried out cold to keep all the functional properties of the ingredients and vitamins.
2. Rolling. The dough obtained is then rolled in a ‚Äúrolling mill‚ÄĚ, always cold. It will pass between rollers that will flatten it, make it compact and uniform.
3. Cutting. Everything is then sent to be cut to obtain the characteristic rectangular shape of our raw-bars.
4. Packaging. The bars are finally wrapped and boxed. Ready to be tasted!

100% plant-based and raw to preserve the natural nutritional properties with a very short list of ingredients. Carefully selected to offer a tasty and functional snack.

The expiration date is of 12 months from the production date.
We recommend keeping your snacks in a cool, dry place.

Hazelnuts and soya.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Nicolas D.

Very good and very efficient!

Waquas G.
Excellent Product

The bars are excellent for a vitamin-packed snack to give you a boost.

Maryse G.
Very good product

Reassuring.very good taste.ideal during a sustained effort at mid-course

Jonathan F.
I recommend

Efficient and good product

Yoann P.

Excellent product, very good alternative to anything that can be found in the trade really, in addition to being vegan, perfect for my diet as well as recovery after sports, or to give yourself energy! What is also sure is that an order will be placed soon! Continue to develop well, to make us discover even more alternatives and flavors!

amandine b.
Very good

Small but very good


I tested for the first time the hazelnut raw bars and I find them really delicious. They have a good compact but melting texture. And a very good chocolate-hazelnut taste. A real snack that allows me to wait until dinner without snacking on junk food.

Raw Hazelnut

These Hazelnut Raw-Bars are exquisite ūüėč
I was able to discover this flavor by purchasing a discovery pack, and it is by far my favorite of the Energy Shot line.
I've gotten into the habit of consuming one a day at the end of every lunch, and I find it filling, but not sickening.
The format is perfect for the consistency ūüôĆūüŹľ
To sum it up, this is my daily treat that I can't live without!

Efficiency that tastes good

The bar gives me the boost I need for my long day, and I love the texture and taste. For me, it's the perfect break in my long morning.

Adrien D.

Energy shot (Raw Bars PAV / Snack)