Meal bars Light.

Meal bars specially developed for weight loss and food rebalancing. Follow our cures and implement our ultra-healthy routines for even more effectiveness. 100% vegetarian and low in calories, all our meals Feed. Light are rich in proteins and fibers to guarantee a lasting satiety. Each recipe also contains konjac which acts as an appetite suppressant. Take them everywhere and take care of your diet wherever you are. Discover them also in a slimming shaker. Need protein-rich snacks with no added sugar to satisfy your hunger? Discover our Protein Shot snacks that will perfectly accompany you in your weight loss goals.

Meal replacement slimming.

A meal replacement is a meal in a "non-traditional" form that will provide you with the essential nutrients you need. Protein, fibre, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In the context of weight loss, we will try to be in a caloric deficit, i.e. burn more calories than we consume.

However, it is obviously not a question of starving yourself but of finding the optimal nutritional composition to have enough energy and satiety to last until the next meal without any problem. So, our Lights meal bars are tasty, low in calories and sugar and rich in fiber and protein to reach your weight loss goals. With Konjac, an appetite suppressant superfood that ensures fast and long lasting satiety.


A meal replacement is a dietary preparation based on the nutritional needs of a standard human. Its objective is to replace a meal in a balanced manner as part of a healthy and varied diet. This meal replacement can be found and therefore consumed in different formats: meal bar, shaker or prepared drink. The recipes can be sweet or salty. In the case where it is a slimming meal replacementThe purpose of this product is to be part of a low-calorie diet (weight loss, fitness), while ensuring the necessary nutritional intake.

To eliminate the excesses of the week (holiday period, stress, weekend with family or friends.), in anticipation or to rebalance your diet or make a slimming cure.

You can replace any meal of your day with a meal Light. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Meal replacements are not only a solution to lose several kilos. They can be ideal for getting back into shape, rebalancing your diet, or simply to avoid skipping certain meals. They therefore meet several objectives.

  • Lose weight 

You want to get back in shape, lose extra pounds, but you don't know how to go about it. Meal replacements are ideal to start a program and stick to it easily. Whether in bar or powder form, these products are perfect if you want to get started without necessarily being accompanied by a nutrition expert every day. By replacing 2 traditional meals each day with 2 Feed. Light meals, you will be able to see results quickly. Even better, you can start a complete program, thanks to the cures available on our website. All of them are adapted according to your objectives. If you want to lose a few kilos or more, the Light 16 days and 32 days cures are recommended.

  • Getting back into shape and rebalancing your diet

After parties or vacations rich in copious meals and alcoholic drinks, we sometimes set ourselves the goal of getting back into shape. This can also be the case after an injury and a return to fitness. In these cases, slimming meal replacements can help you achieve your goals. Their different nutritional contributions in proteins, carbohydrates, low fat and calories will allow you to slim down to regain your figure and thus find a better health. A 6-day light cure will be perfectly suitable for you to regain your weight and your well-being.


  • To avoid skipping meals

In general, meal replacements can be useful in your daily life. Simply to avoid skipping a meal, or to change a bad habit, it allows you to pay attention to your diet and your health without necessarily imposing important constraints. They can allow you to have a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner despite the lack of time or means depending on the situation, and thus maintain a healthy weight.

To get back on track, we advise you to replace 2 meals a day with 2 meals Feed. Light . 

For example: For breakfast: a meal bar or a meal drink Feed. Light .
A free lunch: treat yourself (try to keep it reasonable).
At dinner: A meal bar or meal drink Feed. Light

Something's come up? Going out with friends? A restaurant in the evening? Don't hesitate to reverse the free lunch with dinner.

Known for over 2000 years in Southeast Asia, today konjac is an integral part of the Western diet. This ingredient is considered a natural and effective appetite suppressant.

Konjac is a tuberous vegetable, very low in calories and very rich in soluble fibre. The main fibre is glucomannan. It has the ability to absorb water. To swell in the stomach. This reproduces the effect of a hearty meal. This promotes a rapid and lasting feeling of fullness.

Naturally, the food intake will be reduced. This is why konjac promotes weight loss.

In accordance with the regulations, each meal Feed. Light contains 1g of konjac glucomannan and thus benefits from the health claim conferring effectiveness in weight loss.

Losing weight or getting back into shape can be a complicated mission. It is necessary to be patient, to resume regular physical activity, but above all to ensure a balanced diet, low in calories, fat and sugar, while maintaining a sufficient intake of macro and micronutrients to allow the proper functioning of the body. For example, a low-calorie diet does not mean simply eating less, or worse, skipping meals to get results. It is absolutely essential not to neglect one's diet in order not to expose oneself to harmful consequences for one's health. It is always better to be accompanied by the advice of a nutritionist in a weight loss process. Otherwise, it is at this point that slimming meal replacements represent an interesting alternative, if you want to start a diet. Indeed, these products are low in calories (limited caloric intake: barely more than 200 calories) with important contributions :

  • in proteins: 20 to 50% of the total energy intake of the product,
  • in lipids limited to 30%,
  • in essential vitamins and minerals (12 vitamins and 11 minerals).

These meal replacements are therefore ideal for someone, without any particular knowledge of cooking and nutrition, who wishes to lose weight and achieve results in a practical and effective way, without the risk of deficiency. Meal replacements represent in this configuration an ideal solution for a diet.

To choose your meal replacement, you must take into account its composition and its contribution in essential nutrients that the body needs: rich in vitamins and minerals, a substantial protein contribution (> 20g per 100g), low in sugar, and very rich in fiber to bring you satiety. Superfoods, such as Konjac or Green Tea, can be a plus because they are extremely effective in helping us lose weight. Especially by their practical format, these products will help you to hold in the long term until you reach your ideal weight.
These slimming meals exist in different formats: in bars and powder to be diluted in water (shakers). There is no one form better than the other, which leaves you the choice according to your habits:


  • A Shaker at the office or at home.

The slimming meal replacements exist in the form of powder to be diluted in water thanks to a shaker. This formula will be ideal for your daily life at work and at home. At the office, to save time during your lunch break, especially if you want to accompany your diet with sports sessions, the shaker will be perfect. Simply fill your container with water according to the recommendations indicated and add the necessary doses of powder, indicated on your package. 

This meal replacement will also be useful in your daily home life. If you come home late at night, for example, it will be easier to keep your commitment to eat a low-calorie meal in a convenient format, rather than skipping a meal, or getting out the pan, the pot or whatever to prepare a healthy and balanced meal. There, the product will be practical, efficient and will bring you everything you need while allowing you to progress towards your slimming goal.

  • A bar on the move, in transport, or during a trek:

The bar format is a very good complement to the shaker. Perfect if you need to eat while on the move, in the car, for example, but also if you travel. A meal bar is easy to keep in a bag. Tasty with a dark chocolate coating, they remain light and can also be used for your breakfast. With a low sugar content, they also appear to be an alternative to traditional breakfasts that are often very sweet. In terms of taste but also texture, they are perfect as part of a cure to vary with powdered products, while ensuring a significant contribution in protein.