Beverages and meals Light.

Slimming meal-drinks specially developed for weight loss and dietary rebalancing. Follow our cures and implement our ultra-healthy routines for even greater effectiveness. 100% plant-based and low in calories, all our Feed. Light meals are rich in protein and fiber to guarantee lasting satiety. Each recipe also contains konjac and superfoods that act as appetite suppressants and stimulate the metabolism. Find your Light meals in an even more convenient format with Feed. Lightmeal bars. Need protein-rich snacks with no added sugar to satisfy your hunger? Discover our Protéines Shot snacks, perfect for helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Shaker 750mL. Shaker 750mL.

Resistant. Practical.

The 750mL shaker has been designed to facilitate the mixing of protein powders. It is ideal for preparing your meal shakes Light.

Its advantages.

  • BPA and DEHP free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Slimming shaker.

A slimming shake Feed. Light . contains Konjac. Extracted from a root, Konjac is a superfood with the power to retain water in the stomach and promote very rapid satiety, making it a perfect slimming ally to help you eat less and thus facilitate your weight loss. 


Prepare your slimming shaker.
Pour 330 ml of water into the shaker. Add 2 scoops (90g) of Feed. Light powder. Shake! Drink your slimming shake!

Water, milk, plant milk.
We recommend mixing the powder with water, but you can use milk or plant milk without any problem (although this will alter the nutritional values of your meal-drink).

We recommend preparing your shake with water at room temperature. Heat can damage the vitamins and minerals in our recipes, which are sensitive to heat.

At home. At work. On the road. At work.
In the morning. Lunchtime. In the evening. Whenever you need it.
For weight loss. During your diet. In anticipation of excess. To rebalance your diet. Or as part of a slimming cure. Our slimming drink replaces a real, nutrient-balanced meal.

During your diet, we recommend replacing one or two meals a day with one or two Feed. Light meals a day. It's up to you to adjust your intake according to your goals. 

Our slimming shake obviously contains konjac, but also green tea, guarana and cayenne pepper: 3 detoxifying plants and slimming allies that boost your metabolism during your diet. You burn more calories, effortlessly.

A Feed. Light slimming shake contains a balanced supply of macro and micro nutrients. With 26 vitamins and minerals, only 3g of sugars / slimming shake and 300 calories / slimming shake, Feed. Light slimming shakes optimize your weight loss while you diet or rebalance your diet.

Our slimming shakes are also high in protein, rich in fiber and with a very low sugar content for low blood sugar levels and a low glycemic index. They're your ally during your diet and for a healthy body! 


Our slimming shake is a meal replacement in powder form made from a variety of proteins and konjac for fast, long-lasting satiety.

A slimming shake also contains a mix of vitamins and minerals and the superfoods green tea, cayenne pepper and guarana to boost metabolism, burn more calories and thus promote weight loss when dieting. A slimming shake replaces a real meal with a balanced intake of micro and macro nutrients. 

We don't add any sugar to the powder; it contains only the sugars naturally present in the ingredients of our recipes. 

Of course the powder is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and GMO-free. 

The powder in our slimming shake contains ingredients with a long shelf life to avoid food waste. 

The sachet has a resealable system that allows you to keep the powder longer after opening. 

We have chosen not to offer single-dose slimming shakes and to propose a single sachet size in order to respect the environment: a sachet of 20 slimming shakes to limit the quantity of packaging and reduce production time.

Our slimming shake replaces a real meal balanced in macro and micro nutrients, and also contains Konjac, a root that swells on contact with water, providing fast, long-lasting satiety. Last but not least, a shake is rich in protein and fiber, two nutrients that also provide lasting satiety.

A slimming shake will keep you going until your next meal. 

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