Slimming cures Light.

6, 15 or 30 days cure... Choose a slimming pack that corresponds to your weight loss objective and say goodbye to the extra pounds! Replace two meals a day with 2 meal bars specially developed for weight loss and food rebalancing. Follow our cures and implement our ultra-healthy routines for even more effectiveness. Low in calories and sugars, all our meals Feed. Light are rich in proteins and fibers to guarantee a lasting satiety. Each slimming meal is healthy, 100% vegan and gluten free. Our formula also contains ingredients like konjac that reduce hunger. Take them everywhere and take care of your diet wherever you are. morning, noon, night. Find all our meal bars Light here or our slimming shakers here.

Slimming cures Light.

Slimming treatments. Slimming treatments.

Weight loss. Rebalancing.

6, 15 or 30-day cure... Choose the slimming package that matches your weight-loss goals and say goodbye to those extra pounds! Create your program now. (The longer the program, the more effective it will be).

The benefits.

  • Low calorie
  • Rich in fiber and konjac
  • Rich in protein

Find your program. Program.

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Slimming pack.

A slimming program is a dietary program that allows you to be in a caloric deficit in order to lose weight through your metabolism. The idea is to maintain the weight loss afterwards by rebalancing your diet. It is important to choose a slimming pack adapted to your lifestyle and your objective. This is why at Feed. we offer cures of different durations depending on your weight objective. 

Each pack is designed to bring you all the micro and macro nutrients your body needs while limiting the caloric intake. Meals therefore, rich in fiber, protein but low in calories and sugar. In addition, we use konjac in our recipes, an appetite suppressant superfood. 

This caloric deficit will allow you to observe visible results quickly.

A caloric deficit occurs when you start a low-calorie diet pack. 

This means that you consume fewer calories than you burn. So, if you only consume 1400kcal per day but you burn 1700kcal, you will have a caloric deficit of 300 calories.

You can achieve a caloric deficit in two different ways: either by reducing your caloric intake or by spending more (or both).

To get faster results, you can combine our slimming cures with a little exercise. This way, you will spend more energy than you consume during your meals. The weight loss will be even faster. 

To keep your motivation, it is important to choose a slimming program that can be easily integrated into your daily life. If you embark on a diet that requires 2 hours of cooking at each meal or 0 taste pleasure, it is obvious that you will not last in the medium term. 

That's why at Feed. we have thought of a form of gourmet meal and above all hyper practical: delicious and melting chocolate meal bars that require no preparation. You can take them everywhere with you to enjoy them whenever you want!

During a slimming program, it is important to know how to rebalance your nutrient intake: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, fibers and especially not to forget vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiencies. That's why our meals Light have been designed by nutritionists in order to have the right balance between all the nutrients and that it is optimal for weight loss. In a slimming pack, we advise you to replace 2 meals a day by meals Light. For example, consume a bar for breakfast, have a classic meal for lunch, and for dinner a meal bar Light.


For your free lunch meal, for example, you need to know a few basics: 

Concerning carbohydrates, be sure to limit foods rich in simple carbohydrates that can accelerate the mechanisms of weight gain. Instead, choose foods rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber with a low glycemic index, such as al dente whole grain pasta, pecans or raw or cooked carrots. 

As far as lipids are concerned, it is advisable to avoid foods rich in saturated fatty acids. In excess, these increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and can generate a rise in cholesterol. Quality lipids of the unsaturated type, omega 3 or omega 6 are to be preferred via oilseeds, nuts or fatty fish.

Think about appetite suppressant foods too! 

  • Almonds. 
  • Raw fruits and vegetables. 
  • Oat bran. 
  • Legumes. 
  • Tofu. 
  • Chicken breast and other lean meats. 
  • Konjac. 
  • Cayenne pepper. 

So, don't forget the importance of hydration! Although it does not contain calories and even less fiber and protein, water will fill the volume of your stomach. This is how it can give you an interesting appetite suppressant sensation when you want to eat less or avoid snacking!

Also find our healthy and balanced recipes for your free meal in this guide.

You can start a slimming pack as soon as you want! At Feed. our cures are adapted to your objectives and your needs.

Do you just want to get rid of the excesses after a week of eating out? It's possible with the 6-day cure. You feel a little less well in your skin and you are motivated and determined to take control of your life? Opt for the 15 or 30 day slimming pack! 

The advantage of a slimming pack Feed. Light is to see results quickly, and to have a format of cure limiting the reflection, the preparation around each meal. Here it is simple: we replace 2 meals per day by meals Light. The format is ultra convenient, you can eat your bar at the office, between two appointments, on a trip, at home and without preparation. No reason not to follow the program. The gourmet recipes allow you to lose weight without getting frustrated. And their nutritional composition is ideal to accelerate your weight loss while avoiding deficiencies.

You will find in our range Light several ingredients (super foods) cut hunger and burns fats. First of all konjac, this low-calorie root rich in soluble fibers. Its use is recognized within the framework of the loss of weight thanks to its principal fiber the glucomannan which has the capacity to be gorged of water and to swell in the stomach. It thus promotes the feeling of satiety. The light powders also contain green tea, rich in antioxidants, cayenne pepper that will help burn fat. And indeed the guarana from plants of the Brazilian Amazon, which stimulates the basic metabolism, consuming it also helps to reduce hunger.

Our formula is adapted to all people wishing to rebalance their diet to lose weight. 

On the other hand, each slimming pack may contain products, ingredients or plants not suitable for certain profiles or special diets.

A slimming pack is not recommended for children, as their nutritional needs are different from those of an adult.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor, as vitamin A, soy, green tea and so-called "fat-burning" ingredients are not recommended.

People with eating disorders or following a ketogenic or low FODMAPS diet.