Bar collection.

7-bar pack Snack.

Bar collection.

Discover all our recipes for balanced, protein-packed meal bars.
Tasty, soft, crispy bars that provide all the essential nutrients you need to replace a meal. Whether you are a sportsman or not, each bar offers you more than 23g of protein and 25 vitamins and minerals.

With Feed., offer yourself a healthy and practical diet to reach your goals or improve your performance.

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The complete meal bar collection.

Bar collection.

1x Double Chocolate Meal Bar.

Bar collection.

1x Vanilla Meal Bar. Pecan. Chocolate.

Bar collection.

1x Coconut meal bar. Chocolate.

Bar collection.

1x Banana meal bar. Chocolate.

Bar collection.

1x Red Fruit Meal Bar. Chocolate.

Bar collection.

1x Apple meal bar.

Bar collection.

1x Lemon meal bar.

Bar collection.

How does it work? How does it work?

Discover all the meal bars Feed. Original !

Bar collection.

The meal bars Original are healthy, practical and mobile balanced and high-protein meals. Are you in a hurry, at the office, at the gym, on a trip, at the museum or in transit and you don't want to sacrifice your diet? Then Protein Shot meal bars are for you!
Whether you are an active person in a hurry, an amateur sportsman or a competitor, they provide you with 23g of protein to accelerate muscle recovery! They also provide 100% of the essential nutrients you need to perform!

Replace any meal, at any time of the day, before or after sport.

To sum up

  • 23 g of protein and all essential nutrients.
  • Perfect for sportsmen and women.
  • Ideal for staying in shape and recovering more easily.
  • Replaces any meal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Oussama E.A.
Just Feed

Crazy concept!
Crazy product!
Top customer experience!

Being in marketing, what Feed has created around these products is crazy!

Tested and approved, I can't live without it!

Marc L.
Neatly packaged. Very good

Fast delivery, so far very happy, good taste

Anne-lyse J.

Bar collection. (Pack / Original)


Delicious products. Pleasant texture.

Mrs. R.
Contract fulfilled

Perfect for a healthy lunch break at the office.

Tristan G.

Gourmet full bar

Nathalie H.

Very good sandwich substitute

Ketty L.

The bars are very good overall.

Thomas C.
Feed saves time

Simple, practical and good, Feed saves time when you need to perform during the day, thank you!

Remi W.

Bar collection. (Pack / Original)