Energy bars.

Fill up on energy with our Energie Shot recipes rich in fruit, vitamins and minerals! Before or during sport, at breakfast, at the office or during a race or trail run, our raw and natural energy bars made from dates and nuts give you everything you need to excel and improve your performance. A vegan energy bar is 40g of concentrated anti-fatigue and antioxidant energy, the ideal boost whether you're an athlete or just need a healthy, gourmet break. Need to recharge with protein after exercise? Our low-sugar, high-protein Shot. protein snacks are for you.

Energy bars.

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Energy bar.

An energy bar is a bar rich in nutrients to give a quick boost. Because many energy bars are often boosted in protein, carbohydrates, fiber or other nutrients, they are called "functional" in nutrition: energy bars adapt to a particular need. An energy bar may contain different types of ingredients, depending on its specific purpose.

Our energy bar contains dates and quality dried fruit for a high carbohydrate and fiber intake. The main aim of an energy bar is to provide a sustained, rapid release of energy before, during or after physical exertion.


An energy bar is often rich in carbohydrates for an instant boost of energy. A protein bar, on the other hand, provides a proportionally greater source of protein. A protein bar is better suited to building muscle mass and muscle recovery after exercise, for example. 

Our energy bar still contains 20% protein, and its carbohydrate content makes it a great ally for your sports sessions.

Energy bars are a healthy choice of snack if they provide a healthy dose of protein or fiber, with a good dose of carbohydrates but low in added sugars and saturated fats. Our raw bars are 100% natural, with no cooking! It's a simple combination of dates (very rich in fiber) and dried fruit, for example (rich in omega 3). Our energy bar guarantees a healthy intake of carbohydrates and fiber, for long-lasting satiety and renewed energy. 

What's more, our no-cook energy bar also contains 20% protein, perfect for slowing the breakdown of muscle fibres and facilitating recovery.

In short, before or after exercise, when energy levels are low, or simply when you're feeling a little hungry, an energy bar is just the thing! 

You can have an energy bar whenever you feel the need. It's the ideal snack to take anywhere for an instant boost at any time of day, or after exercise or a sports session.
At 10am, at 4pm or even as a dessert, an energy bar is perfectly suited. And because energy bars provide the body with plenty of energy, they're also ideal for sports nutrition. You can eat an energy bar 30 minutes before your workout, especially if you train in the morning before breakfast. Or after your workout for an energy boost.

When choosing your energy bar, don't hesitate to look at the micro and macro nutrients.
Ideally, look for energy bars rich in vitamins and minerals (important to avoid deficiencies), rich in protein (our new shot energy bars contain 20% protein), rich in fiber (with quality ingredients naturally rich in fiber such as dates) and with sufficient carbohydrates to boost your metabolism. 

Our energy bar meets all the selection criteria: 13 vitamins and minerals, rich in fibre and protein for an anti-fatigue, anti-oxidant and boosting effect!

Everyone, whether you're an athlete or not!
The idea here is to replace your usual sugary, fatty snacks with healthy snacks that will give you a real energy boost. An energy bar contains 150 kcal and all the essential nutrients our body needs, so it's the ideal snack for everyone! 

Although each brand has its own speciality, at Feed. we have taken the gamble of making 100% no-cook energy bars with demanding specifications that are always gluten-free, vegan and GMO-free, and with an almost perfect nutritional profile! 


But it is of course the taste that differentiates our raw energy bars, ultra natural, with a good taste of dates and nuts far from the chemical flavors of other energy bars or energy drinks. 

Two no-bake energy bar recipes are now available in our catalog: Peanut and Hazelnut.

Exactly! A Feed. energy bar contains just 150 kcal and no added sugar. It's a healthy snack for weight loss. 

To satisfy a little hunger during the day or to provide energy for beginners and experienced sportsmen and women before, during or after a sports session, the energy bar helps you achieve every goal! 

Store your bars in a cool, dry place. Protect from light and heat.